adjective noun requesting, one who begs, a recipient of alms, a beggar Ja.iii.353; Pv.ii.9#38; Pv-a.78, Pv-a.102 (= yācanaka); Sdhp.324, Sdhp.331. Freq. in combination with similar terms of wayfaring people in phrase samaṇa-brāhmaṇa-kapaṇ iddhika-vaṇibbaka-yācakā e.g. at DN.i.137; Iti.64. See single terms
yācaka at Snp.618 (as Fick, Soc.Gliederung 144 quotes yācaka) is to be read yājaka.

fr. yāca, cp. Epic & later Sk. yācaka