adjective sufficient (lit “just as much”; i.e. such as it is), sufficiently founded logical, consistent, exact, definite, true Cnd.275 (where tatha is explained by taccha, bhūta, yāthāva, aviparīta) Dhs-a.248 (where micchā-diṭṭhi is explained as incorrect or illogical view
yāthāvato (abl.) exactly, truly consistently DN-a.i.65; Thag-a.256; Vv-a.232. See also yathāvato
■ The nearest synonyms of yāthāva are aviparīta (i.e. definite) and yathābhūtaṃ. See also yathāva and yathāvaka.

  • -nāma having the name of exactitude Pv-a.231 (+ aviparīta-nāma).
  • -māna pride of sufficiency or consistency Vb-a.487 sq. (and a˚).
  • -lakkhaṇa possessing the characteristic of definiteness or logic Mil.171 Ne.27 (where avijjā is called “sabba dhammayāthāva-asampaṭivedha-lakkhaṇā”).
  • -vacana exact logical or true speech Mil.214 (taccha-vacana, yāthāvav, aviparīta-v.).
  • -sarasa logical and with its essential (sa + rasa) properties Vism.588, Vism.639.

see yathāva. It is a combination of a guṇader. fr. yathā and an adj
■ der. of ˚vant