announcement, declaration, esp. as t. t. a motion or resolution put at a kammavācā (proceedings at a meeting of the chapter. The usual formula is “esā ñatti; suṇātu me bhante sangho”: Vin.i.340; Vin.iii.150, Vin.iii.173, Vin.iii.228
■ -˚ṃ ṭhapeti to propose a resolution Vin.iv.152
■ Vin.v.142 Vin.v.217 (na c’ âpi ñatti na ca pana kammavācā). This resolution is also called a ñattikamma: Vin.ii.89 Vin.iv.152; Vin.v.116; AN.i.99. Two kinds are distinguished viz. that at which the voting follows directly upon the motion, i.e. a ñatti-dutiya-kamma, & that at which the motion is put 3 times, & is then followed (as 4th item) by the decision, i.e. a ñ-catuttha-kamma. Both kinds are discussed at Vin.i.56, Vin.i.317 sq.; Vin.ii.89; Vin.iii.156; Vin.iv.152; & passim. Cp. Divy.356: jñapticaturtha Cp. āṇatti, viññatti.

Sk. jñapti, from jñāpayati, caus of jñā