to bend, bend towards or in, contract; usually in phrase pallaṅkaṃ ā˚; “to bend in the round lap” or “bend in hookwise”, to sit crosslegged (as a devotee with straightened back), e.g. at Vin.i.24; DN.i.71; MN.i.56 (variant reading ābhuñjitvā), MN.i.219; AN.iii.320; Pp.68; Pts.i.176; Ja.i.71, Ja.i.213; Mil.289; DN-a.i.58, DN-a.i.210. In other connection Ja.i.18 (Ja.v.101; of the ocean “to recede”); Mil.253 (kāyaṃ).

ā + bhujati, bhuj1