1. coming, approach, result, DN.i.53 (āgamanaṃ pavattatī ti DN-a.i.160; cp. Sdhp.249 dukkh˚).
  2. that which one goes by, resource, reference source of reference, text, Scripture, Canon; thus a designation of(?) the Pātimokkha, Vin.ii.95 = Vin.ii.249, or of the Four Nikāyas, DN-a.i.1, DN-a.i.2 (dīgh˚). A def. at Vism.442 runs “antamaso opamma-vagga-mattassa pi buddhavacanassa pariyāpuṇaṇaṃ”. See also āgata 2, for phrase āgat’āgama, handed down in the Canon, Vin loc. cit. Svāgamo, versed in the doctrine, Pv.iv.1#33 (sv˚ = suṭṭhu āgat’āgamo, Pv-a.230); Mil.215. BSk. in same use and meaning, e.g. Divy.17, Divy.333, āgamāni = the Four Nikāyas
  3. rule, practice, discipline, obedience, Snp.834 (āgamā parivitakkaṃ), cp. D Avs.v.22 (takk˚, discipline of right thought) Sdhp.224 (āgamato, in obedience to).
  4. meaning, understanding, Kp-a.107 (vaṇṇ˚).
  5. repayment (of a debt) Ja.vi.245.
  6. as gram. tt. “augment”, a consonant or syllable added or inserted Snp-a.23 (sa-kār’āgama).

fr. ā + gam