1. come, arrived Mil.18 (˚kāraṇa the reason of his coming); Vv-a.78 (˚ṭṭhāna); Pv-a.81 (kiṃ āgat’attha why have you come here) come by, got, attained (˚-) AN.ii.110 = Pp.48 (˚visa); Mhvs.xiv.28 (˚phala = anāgānuphala) -āgat’āgatā (pl.) people coming & going, passers by, all comers Pv-a.39, Pv-a.78, Pv-a.129; Vv-a.190 (Ep. of sangha). -sv’āgata “wel-come”, greeted hailed; nt. welcome, hail Thig.337; Pv.iv.3#15, opp durāgata not liked, unwelcome, AN.ii.117, AN.ii.143, AN.ii.153; AN.iii.163; Thig.337
  2. come down, handed down (by memory, said of texts) DN.i.88; Dhp-a.ii.35; Kp-a.229; Vv-a.30; āgatāgamo, one to whom the āgama, or the āgamas, have been handed down, Vin.i.127, Vin.i.337; Vin.ii.8; Vin.iv.158; AN.ii.147; Mil.19, Mil.21
  3. anāgata not come yet i.e. future; usually in combn. with atīta (past) & paccuppanna (present): see; atīta and anāgata.

pp. of āgacchati