ger. of āhanati.



  1. (cp. āharati1) to be removed, removable, in -pādaka-pīṭha & ˚mañca; a collapsible bed or chair, i e whose legs or feet can be put on & taken away at pleasure (by drawing out a pin) Vin.ii.149 (cp. Vin Texts iii.164 n. 5); Vin.iv.40, Vin.iv.46 (def. as “ange vijjhitvā ṭhito hoti” it stands by means of a perforated limb), Vin.iv.168, Vin.iv.169.
  2. (cp. āharati2) reciting, repeating, or to be quoted, recitation (of the Scriptures); by authority or by tradition MN.iii.139; Dhs-a.9, & in compounds; -pada a text quoted from Scripture), tradition Mil.148 (˚ena by reference to the text of the Scriptures); -vacana a saying of the Scriptures, a traditional or proverbial saying Ne.21 (in def. of suttaṃ).

grd. of āharati, corresponding to a Sk. *āhṛtya