Ājīvaka & ˚ika

an ascetic, one of the numerous sects of non-buddhist ascetics. On their austerities, practice & way of living see esp. Dhp-a.ii.55 sq. and on the whole question A. L. Basham, Hist. & Doctrines of the Ājīvikas, 1951.

  1. ājīvaka: Vin.i.291; Vin.ii.284; Vin.iv.74, Vin.iv.91; MN.i.31, MN.i.483; SN.i.217; AN.iii.276, AN.iii.384; Ja.i.81, Ja.i.257, Ja.i.390
  2. ājīvika Vin.i.8; Snp.381 (variant reading BB. ˚aka).
    • -sāvaka a hearer or lay disciple of the ājīvaka ascetics Vin.ii.130, Vin.ii.165; AN.i.217.

ājīva + ka, orig. “one finding his living” (scil. in a peculiar way); cp. BSk. ājīvika Divy.393 Divy.427