1. approach, dealing with, business with (acc.), concern, affair, means of acting or getting Vin.ii.195 = Ja.v.336 (mā kuñjara nāgam āsado); MN.i.326 (metaṃ āsado = mā etaṃ āsado do not meddle with this, lit., be not this any affair); Ja.i.414 (cakkaṃ āsado you have to do with the wheel interpreted as adj. in meaning patto = finding, getting), Ja.vi.528 (interpreted as ankusa a hook, i.e. means of getting something).
  2. (as adj.) in phrase durāsada hard to sit on, i.e. hard to get at, unapproachable, difficult to attack or manage or conquer Snp.p.107 (cp. Snp-a.451); Ja.vi.272; Vv.50#16 (= anupagamanīyato kenaci pi anāsādanīyato ca durāsado Vv-a.213); Mil.21; Dpvs.v.21; Dpvs.vi.38; Sdhp.384.

ā + sad; cp. āsajja & āsādeti