snake Vin.iv.108; SN.iv.172; AN.ii.110; AN.iii.69; Ja.i.245; Ja.ii.274; Ja.iv.30, Ja.iv.496; Ja.v.82, Ja.v.267; Pp.48; Vism.470 (in comp.); Dhp-a.i.139; Dhp-a.ii.8, Dhp-a.ii.38; Snp-a.334, Snp-a.458, Snp-a.465; Vv-a.308.

Derivation uncertain. The BSk. āsīviṣa (e.g. Jtm.31#61) is a Sanskritisation of the Pali. To suppose this to come from ahi + visa (snake’s poison) would give a wrong meaning, and leave unexplained the change from ahi to āsi.