to have one’s home, one’s abode or support in (loc.), to live in, thrive by means of, to depend on Mil.75 (kaddame jāyati udake āsīyati i.e. the lotus is born in the mud and is supported or thrives by means of the water).

etym. doubtful; Trenckner Mil p.422 = ā + śyā to freeze or dry up, but taken by him in meaning to thaw, to warm oneself; Müller, P. Gr. 40 same with meaning “cool oneself”; Morris’ JP. T. S. 1884, 72 as ā + śrā or śrī to become ripe, come to perfection, evidently at fault because of śrā etc. not found in Sk. More likely as a Pass. formation to be referred to ā + śī as in āsaya, i.e. to abide etc.