turning to, paying attention, apprehending; adverting the mind
■ See discussion of term at Cpd. 85, 227 (the C. derive āvajjana fr. āvaṭṭeti to turn towards, this confusion being due to close resemblance of jj and ṭṭ in writing); also Kvu trsl. 221 n. 4 (on Kv.380 which has āvaṭṭanā), 282 n. 2 (on Kv.491 āvaṭṭanā)
■ Pts.ii.5, Pts.ii.120; Ja.ii.243; Vb.320; Mil.102 sq.; Vism.432; DN-a.i.271.

fr. āvajjati, cp. BSk. āvarjana in diff. meaning