adjective & ˚ā feminine

  1. turning round swinging round; diffusion, radiation; protuberance, with reference to the rays of the Buddha at Ja.i.12, Ja.i.95, Ja.i.501.
  2. (f.) a garland or other ornament slung round & worn over the head Vv.36#2 (kañcan˚; = āveḷa-pilandhana Vv-a.167). See āveḷin.

not with Müller; P.Gr. 10, 30, 37 = Sk. āpīḍa, but fr. ā + veṣṭh to wind or turn round which in P. is represented by āveṭheti as well as āvijjhati ḷ then standing for either ḍh (ṭh) or dh (āvedha, q.v.) There may have been an analogy influence through vell to move to and fro, cp. āveḷita. Müller refers to āveḷā rightly the late dial. (Prk.) āmela