(so for āviñchana & āviñjana) adjective noun

  1. (āvijjhati 2) swinging round, hanging loose, spinning in; āvijjhana-rajju a loose, rope, esp. in mythology the swinging or whirling rope by which Sakka holds the world’s wheel or axis, in the latter sense at Dhp-a.ii.143 (T. āviñch˚ (variant reading āvijj˚)) = Dhp-a.iii.97, Dhp-a.iii.98 (where āviñjanaṭṭhāna for ˚rajju). Otherwise a rope used in connection with the opening & shutting of a door (pulling rope? Vin.ii.120, Vin.ii.148; Ja.v.298, Ja.v.299 (T. āviñj˚, variant reading āvicch˚ āvij˚).
  2. (cp. āvijjhati 3) going to, approach, contact with Dhs-a.312 (˚rasa, T. āviñj˚, variant reading āviñch˚; or is it “encompassing”? = āvijjhati 1?); Vism.444 (āviñjanarasa).
  3. (cp. āvijjhati 5) pulling, drawing along Vin.iii.121 (= ākaḍḍhanā nāma).

fr. āvijjhati, lit. piercing through, i.e. revolving axis