1. coming in, entrance MN.iii.93.
  2. tax Ja.v.113.
  3. income, earning, profit, gain (opp vaya loss) AN.iv.282 = AN.iv.323; Snp.978; Ja.i.228; Kp-a.38 (in expln. of kāya), Kp-a.82 (in etym. of āyatana); Pv-a.130.
  4. (āyā f.?) a lucky dice (“the incomer”) Ja.vi.281.
  • -kammika a treasurer Dhp-a.i.184.
  • -kusala clever in earnings Ne.20.
  • -kosalla proficiency in money making DN.iii.220 (one of the three kosallas); Vb.325.
  • -pariccāga expediture of one’s income Pv-a.8.
  • -mukha (lit. entrance, inflow, going in DN.i.74 (= āgamana-magga DN-a.i.78); MN.ii.15; AN.ii.166; (fig.) revenue income, money Snp-a.173.

Sk. āya; ā + i