A naked ascetic. He visited the Buddha at Ujuññā in the Kaṇṇa-katthala deer-park and asked him if it were true that he disparaged all penance and reviled ascetics. Their conversation is recorded in the Kassapa-Sīhanāda Sutta. DN.i.161ff. After the usual four months’ probation, he joined the Order and in due course became an arahant. DN.i.177

In the Majjhima Nikāya MN.iii.124ff. we are told that he was an old friend of Bakkula Thera, and that after a conversation with him. obtained his ordination under him.

The Kassapa mentioned in the Acela Sutta SN.ii.18f. is probably the same person, though the stories of their conversions are different.


An old family friend of Cittagapahati. Having been for thirty years a paribbājaka, he admits to Citta that he had thereby obtained no particular excellence of knowledge. Citta tells him of his own attainments and Kassapa expresses a desire to enter the Order. He is duly ordained, and shortly afterwards becomes an arahant. SN.iv.300ff.