One of the five ascetics known as the Pañcavaggiyā. When, after the Enlightenment, the Buddha visited them at Isipatana and preached the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, Koṇḍañña won the Fruit of the First Path. As he was the first among humans to realise the Dhamma the Buddha praised him saying “aññāsi vata bho Kondañño” twice; hence he came to be known as Aññata Koṇḍañña. Vin.i.12

Five days later when the Anattalakhana Sutta was preached he became arahant. Vin.i.13–14 He was the first to be ordained with the formula “ehi, bhikkhu” and the first to receive higher ordination. Later the Buddha declared him to be the best of those who first comprehended the Dhamma. He was also declared to be pre-eminent among disciples of long-standing (rattaññūnam). AN.i.23

Several verses attributed to Koṇḍañña are given in the Theragāthā, admonishing fellow celibates to lead the higher life, because everything is impermanent, bound to ill and void of soul. Thag.674–688

Vaṅgīsa once extolled his virtues in the presence of the Buddha. Thag.673