A famous sage of old. Vin.i.245 DN.i.104 DN.i.238 DN.i.243 MN.ii.169 MN.ii.200 AN.iii.224 AN.iv.61


He was born in a Sākiyan family, and having left the world with his clansmen Anuruddha and Kimbila, he dwelt in the village of Bākalona. One day, having left his cell in order to drive away his drowsiness, he fell as he was stepping on to the terrace, and, urged thereby to further effort, he accomplished self mastery and won arahantship. Thag.271–274 MN.iii.155 Vin.i.350 Vin.ii.182

A monk named Bhagu is mentioned Vin.i.300 as staying with Jātipupphiya at the Kukkuṭārāma in Pāṭaliputta, but he is probably a different person.