A group of six monks, contemporary with the Buddha, frequently mentioned as being guilty of various Vinaya offences. Vin.i.84f. Vin.i.104 Vin.i.106 Vin.i.111 Vin.i.113 Vin.i.114 Vin.i.138 Vin.i.160 Vin.i.170 Vin.i.185 Vin.i.189 Vin.i.192 Vin.i.194 Vin.i.203f. Vin.i.216 Vin.i.285 Vin.i.306 Vin.i.316 Vin.ii.73 Vin.ii.105ff. Vin.ii.145ff. Vin.ii.213ff. Vin.ii.241 Vin.ii.262

The six leaders were Assaji, Punabbasu, Panduka, Lohitaka, Mettiya and Bhummaja hence their name.

There were also nuns in their following, who likewise violated the Vinaya rules in various ways. Vin.ii.262 Vin.ii.266 Vin.ii.269 Vin.ii.271 Vin.ii.276