See Mahā-Kaccāna, Pakudha-Kaccāna, Pubba-Kaccāna, Sambula-Kaccāna, Sabhiya-Kaccāna, etc. See also Kaccāyana.

Kaccāna or Kaccāyana is the name of a family, the Kaccānagotta.

A monk named Kaccānagotta is mentioned in the Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.ii.18ff. as visiting the Buddha at Sāvatthī and questioning him on right view. The Buddha’s discourse on this occasion is referred to by Ānanda in a conversation with Channa. SN.iii.134

The Kaccānagotta is mentioned among the higher castes, together with Moggallāna and Vāsittha. Vin.iv.6