Kaṇṭaka Kaṇḍaka

A novice ordained by Upananda. Kaṇṭaka committed an offence with another novice, Mahaka. When this became known, a rule was passed that no monk should ordain two novices Vin.i.79 ; this rule was, however, later rescinded. Vin.i.83 Elsewhere, Vin.i.85 Kaṇṭaka is mentioned as being expelled from the Order for having had sexual intercourse with a nun, Kaṇṭakā by name. According to the Pācittiya, Vin.iv.138f. Kaṇṭaka held the same false views as Ariṭṭha, and for that reason he was expelled from the Saṅgha. The Chabbaggiyā monks, however, received him into their ranks and gave him every encouragement.