A monk, one of the chief partisans of Devadatta. Knowing the Buddha’s might, he was, at first, reluctant to join in Devadatta’s plot against him, but later allowed himself to be persuaded on hearing the scheme explained.Vin.ii.196 Vin.iii.171 When the monks blamed Devadatta for his misdeeds, Kokālika was always ready to defend him.Vin.iii.174 He was a great friend of Thullanandā. Vin.iv.335 Kokālika spoke ill of the Chief Disciples. Having three times accused the Elders of sinful desires, he left Jetavana, but boils immediately came out on his body, swelling and bursting. Groaning with pain, he fell down at the gate of Jetavana. Kokālika died and was born in Paduma-niraya. SN.i.149ff. AN.v.171f. Snp.123f.