He was given the title of Lakuntaka (Dwarf) owing to his very small stature.

The Udāna Ud.vii.1 Ud.vii.2 makes reference to the admonitions of Sāriputta and to the Buddha’s joy when these had the desired effect.

The Buddha ranked him as foremost among sweet voiced monks. AN.i.25 It is said that, because he was ugly and hunch backed, he was despised by his companions, and the Buddha had to proclaim to them his greatness and hold him up as an example of a man who, though small, was of great power. SN.ii.279 Ud.vii.5

Several stanzas uttered by Bhaddiya in the Ambāṭakavana, as he sat there enjoying the bliss of arahantship, are included in the Theragāthā. They speak of the fools who judge only by outward appearance. Thag.466–472