The capital of Surasena, situated on the Yamunā. Its king, soon after the death of Bimbisāra, was Avantiputta, MN.ii.83 who, judging by his name, was probably related to the royal family of Ujjeni. Madhurā was visited by the Buddha, AN.ii.57 AN.iii.256 but there is no record of his having stayed there. In fact, the Madhura Sutta states that he viewed the city with distinct disfavour. But Mahā Kaccāna evidently liked it, for he stayed there in the Gundāvana, and was visited there by the king of the city, Avantiputta, MN.ii.83 and the brahmin Kandarāyana. AN.i.67 Already in the Buddha’s time there were, in and around Madhurā, those who accepted his teachings, for the Aṅguttara Nikāya AN.ii.57 mentions that once when he was journeying from Madhurā to Verañja and stopped under a tree by the wayside, a large number of householders, both men and women, came and worshipped him.

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