The capital of the Videha country. The city was very ancient, and, according to the Mahāgovinda Sutta, DN.ii.235 was founded by Mahāgovinda, steward of King Reṇu.

It was also the capital of Makhādeva MN.ii.72f. and eighty four thousand of his descendants.

The Buddha is mentioned as having stayed in Mithilā and having preached there the Makhādeva Sutta MN.ii.74 and the Brahmāyu Sutta. MN.ii.133

It was also in Mithilā that the Therī Vāsetthī Thig.135 first met the Buddha and entered the Order, after having heard him preach.

Mithilā is generally identified with Janakapura, a small town within the Nepal border, north of which the Mazaffarpur and Darbhanga districts meet.

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