The Sutta Nipāta contains a dialogue between Māgaṇḍiya and the Buddha. Snp.1011–1023 The Buddha starts with an emphatic rejection of an offer of a sexual nature, which sparks a discussion on what is truly worth desiring.


A Paribbājaka. The Buddha was once staying in the fire hut of the brahmin Bhāradvājaggotta at Kammāsadamma and Māgaṇḍiya came to the hut. Seeing the grass mat on which the Buddha slept at night, he inquired whose it was, and, on being told, he was very annoyed, calling the Buddha a rigid repressionist. Bhāradvāja protested, whereupon Māgaṇḍiya offered to repeat his charge to the Buddha’s face. The Buddha, aware of this conversation, entered the hut in the evening and had a discussion with Māgaṇḍiya, who ended by joining the Order, later becoming an arahant. MN.i.502ff.