He belonged to a Sākiyan family of Kapilavatthu, and was called Nandiya because his birth brought bliss. He left the world at the same time as Anuruddha, Kimbila and the others, and he soon attained arahantship. Thereafter he dwelt with his companions in the Pācīnavaṃsamigadāya. Vin.i.350f. It was to them that the Upakkilesa Sutta was preached. MN.iii.155 Later, they seem to have lived in the Gosiṅgasālavana. MN.i.205 His Theragāthā verse is a warning to the Dark Lord not to attack a bhikkhu such as he. Thag.25


A Sakyan layman. He visited the Buddha at the Nigrodhārāma in Kapilavatthu and had a discussion with him on the different kinds of Ariyan disciple, the one who dwells in remissness and the one who is earnest.SN.v.397ff. SN.v.403 Later, when the Buddha returned to Sāvatthī for the rainy season, Nandiya also went there, finding some business to do, and from time to time he visited the Buddha. At the end of the rains, when the Buddha and the monks were about to start on tour, Nandiya went to the Buddha and was taught the eleven conditions which lead to the destruction of evil. AN.v.334ff.


A Paribbājaka who visits the Buddha at Jetavana and asks him the conditions for the attainment of nibbana. The Buddha teaches him the Noble Eightfold Path. SN.v.11