A grove near Kapilavatthu, where a residence was provided for the Buddha. Vin.i.82 There Mahāpajāpati Gotamī first asked permission for women to enter the Order. This was refused, and from there the Buddha went on to Vesāli.Vin.ii.253 AN.iv.274 The Buddha stayed at the Nigrodhārāma on several other occasions, and several Vinaya rules are mentioned as being first promulgated there.Vin.iii.235 Vin.iii.244 Vin.iv.55 Vin.iv.101 Vin.iv.167 Vin.iv.181 Vin.iv.262 Vin.iv.314 Various Sākyans came to see the Buddha at the Nigrodhārāma, among them, Mahānāma, Godha, Sarakāni, Nandiya and Vappa SN.v.369–378 SN.v.395–397 SN.v.403–404 SN.v.408 AN.ii.196 AN.iii.284 AN.iv.220 AN.v.83 AN.v.328 AN.v.332 AN.v.334 The Buddha himself visited Kāḷigodhā during his residence there. It was during a discussion with Mahānāma that the Cūḷa Dukkhakkhandha Sutta was preached. During one of the Buddha’s residences in Nigrodhārāma, the Sākyans invited him to consecrate their new Mote Hall, which he did by preaching there far into the night and then asking Moggallāna to continue his discourse.SN.iv.182ff. MN.i.353 On another occasion the Buddha is mentioned as having spent a period of convalescence at Nigrodhārāma. AN.i.219f. It seems to have been the Buddha’s custom, when staying at Nigrodhārāma, sometimes to spend the noonday siesta in the Mahāvana near by. SN.iii.91f.

Among others mentioned as having stayed at Nigrodhārāma is Lomasakaṅgiya. MN.iii.200 A deva called Candana there taught him the Bhaddekaratta Sutta. Is this Lomasakaṅgiya the same as Lomavaṅgīsa, who is also mentioned SN.v.327 as having lived in Nigrodhārāma?

27.54115, 83.080673monasteryNigrodhārāma2

A grove in Rājagaha. The Buddha says that there he once gave Ānanda the chance of asking him to live for a whole aeon, but Ānanda missed his opportunity. D.ii.116