A monk who lived in Dakkhiṇāgiri. It is said that when he visited Rājagaha after the holding of the First Council, he was asked to give his approval to the “findings” of the same. His answer was that he preferred to remember what he himself had heard and learnt from the Buddha. Vin.ii.189f.


A chamberlain of Pasenadi. He was the brother of Isidatta and the father of Migasālā. In his later years he lived the life of a celibate and was reborn in Tusita as a sakadāgāmī. AN.iii.348ff. AN.v.138ff.

A conversation he had with the Buddha, in the company of Isidatta, at Sādhuka, is recorded in the Saṃyutta Nikāya SN.v.349ff. In the Dhammacetiya Sutta. MN.ii.123 Pasenadi speaks of the great loyalty of these two men towards the Buddha. After discussing the Doctrine till late at night, they would sleep with their heads towards the spot where the Buddha was staying and their feet towards the king. Purāṇa is mentioned AN.iii.451 as an ideal layman.