A Mahābrahmā. When the Buddha was at the Ajapālanigrodha, hesitating as to whether or not he should preach the Dhamma, Sahampati appeared before him and begged of him to open to the world the doors of Immortality. The Buddha agreed to this urgent request Vin.i.5f. SN.i.137f. and accepted from Sahampati the assurance that all the Buddhas of the past had also had no other teacher than the Dhamma discovered by them. Similar passages are found elsewhere. SN.i.139 SN.v.167f. SN.v.185 SN.v.232 AN.ii.10f.

Sahampati once saw that the brahminee, mother of Brahmadeva Thera, habitually made offerings to Brahmā. Out of compassion for her, Sahampati appeared before her and exhorted her to give her offerings to Brahmadeva instead. SN.i.140f. On another occasion, when Kokāliya died and was born in Padumaniraya, Sahampati appeared before the Buddha and announced the fact to him.Snp.p.125 SN.i.151 AN.v.172 The Saṃyutta SN.i.154f. contains a series of verses spoken by Sahampati at Andhakavinda, when the Buddha sat out in the open during the night and rain fell drop by drop. The verses are in praise of the life and practices of the monks and of the results thereof. Sahampati again visited the Buddha, simultaneously with Sakka, and as they stood leaning against a doorpost of the Buddha’s cell, Sakka uttered a verse in praise of the Buddha. Sahampati then added another verse, exhorting the Buddha to preach the Doctrine, as there were those who would understand. SN.i.233 A verse spoken by him immediately after the Buddha’s death is included in the books. DN.ii.157 SN.i.158

During the time of Kassapa Buddha, Sahampati was a monk, named Sahaka, who, having practised the five indriyas, was reborn in the Brahma world. Thereafter he was called Sahampati. SN.v.233