A monk whose Theragāthā verse speaks of how a bhikkhu in the Sītavana (Cool Grove) is victorious. Thag.6


When the Vajjiputtaka heresy arose, his help was sought by Yasa Kākandakaputta. At that time he lived on Ahogaṅgapabbata and was called Sānavāsī because he wore a hempen robe.

At the assembly of the arahants held on Ahogaṅgapabbata, Sambhūta suggested that they should seek the support of Soreyya Revata. Together they went to Sabbakāmī, and Sambhūta questioned him regarding the “Ten Points.

Sambhūta was one of the monks appointed to the committee to discuss the points raised, and when they were declared heretical, he joined in the holding of the Second Council. Vin.ii.298f. Vin.ii.303ff.

A series of verses uttered by Sambhūta, which speak of going about one’s affairs in the suitable manner, is included in the Theragāthā. Thag.291–294