A devaputta. He visits the Buddha at Veḷuvana and tells him that his heart is full of dismay. The Buddha replies that the only path out of sorrow is by way of wisdom, renunciation and restraint. SN.i.53


A Pacceka Brahmā. He was a follower of the Buddha, and, after visiting him together with Suddhavāsa, he went on to another Brahmā, who was infatuated with his own importance. There, by a display of magic power, Subrahmā convinced him that he was far more powerful than the Brahmā, but declared that his own power was as nothing compared with that of the Buddha. SN.i.146f. On another occasion, Subrahmā visited the Buddha to declare the folly of Kokālika and of Katamoraka Tissa. SN.i.148 Subrahmā was present at the preaching of the Mahāsamaya Sutta. DN.ii.261