She was the daughter of the king of Kosala and sister of Pasenadi. She is included among the eminent upāsikās. AN.iv.347 She once visited the Buddha, with five hundred royal maidens in five hundred royal chariots, and questioned him regarding the efficacy of giving. AN.iii.32f. She was present when the Buddha preached to Pasenadi the discourse SN.i.68–70 beginning with, “There are four young creatures, Sire, who may not be disregarded,” and Pasenadi was established in the Refuges and the Precepts. She later became a bhikkhunī and her Therīgāthā verse was spoken by way of encouragement in old age. Thig.16


A bhikkhunī whose Therīgāthā verse is an encouragemnt not to be reborn. Thig.14