The northern division of Jambudīpa. Its boundaries are nowhere explicitly stated in Pāḷi literature. Perhaps Uttarāpatha was originally the name of a great trade-route, the northern high road which extended from Sāvatthī to Takkasilā in Gandhāra, and that it lent its name—as did the Dakkhiṇāpatha—to the region through which it passed. If this be so, the name would include practically the whole of Northern India, from Aṅga in the east to Gandhāra in the north-west, and from the Himālaya in the north to the Vindhyā in the south.

This region was famous from very early times for its horses and horse-dealers, Vin.iii.6 and horses were brought down for sāle from there to such cities as Benares.