A palace belonging to Sakka. When Moggallāna visited Sakka to discover if he had fully understood the Buddha’s teaching in the Cūlatanhā saṅkhaya Sutta, Sakka tried to evade his questions by showing him this palace. It has one hundred towers, each seven stories high, with seven nymphs in each storey, waited on by seven attendants. Moggallāna allowed himself to be shown round, and then, with his big toe, he made the palace quake and rock. MN.i.252f. Thag.1194–1197.

When the Buddha visited Tāvatiṃsā with Nanda, Sakka was in the palace with his pink-footed nymphs and came forward with them to greet him.


A chariot owned by Sakka, with Mātali as charioteer. SN.i.224


The chief of the eighty four thousand chariots owned by Mahāsudassana. SN.iii.145 DN.ii.187