The highest of the five mountains surrounding Rājagaha. SN.i.67

  • In the time of Kakusandha Buddha, the mountain was called Pācīnavaṃsa
  • in the time of Koṇāgamana, Vaṅkaka
  • while in that of Kassapa Buddha, it was Supassa

The people living near it were called, respectively, Tivaras, Rohitassas and Suppiyas. The mountain has diminished in size, for the Tivaras, who lived for forty thousand years, took four days to climb it and four to descend; the Rohitassas lived for thirty thousand years and took three days each way; while the Suppiyas, with a life span of twenty thousand years, did the journey there and back in four days. In the present age, the Māgadhans, who lived for about one hundred years, could both climb and descend the mountain in very little time. SN.ii.190f.

Vepulla was the abode of the Yakkha Kumbhīra and his one hundred thousand followers. DN.ii.257