A country and its people. At the time of the Buddha, Videha formed one of the two important principalities of the Vajjian confederacy. Its capital was Mithilā. The kingdom bordered on the Ganges, on one side of which was Māgadha and on the other Videha. MN.i.225 Adjacent to it were Kāsi and Kosala. One of Bimbisāra’s queens was probably from Videha. In earlier times Videha was evidently a kingdom, its best known kings being Mahājanaka and Nimi; but in the Buddha’s time it was a republic, part of the Vajjian federation. According to the Mahāgovinda Sutta, DN.ii.235 it was King Reṇu who, with the help of Mahāgovinda Jotipāla, founded the Videha kingdom.

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