One of the principal disciples of the Buddha. He was a first cousin of the Buddha and was deeply attached to him. Ānanda entered the Order in the second year of the Buddha’s ministry, together with other Sākiyan princes, such as Bhaddiya, Anuruddha, Bhagu, Kimbila and Devadatta, and was ordained by the Buddha himself, Vin.ii.182 his upajjhāya being Belatthasīsa.Vin.i.202 Vin.iv.86 Soon after, he heard a discourse by Puṇṇa Mantāniputta and became a Sotāpanna SN.iii.105 Ānanda remained close to the Buddha for the following 25 years, and participates in numerous discourses. He was one of the principal reciters at the First Council after the Buddha passed away, and was responsible for the recitation of the Suttas.