Pariññā: ‘full understanding’, full comprehension. There are 3 kinds of mundane f.u. lokiya - p namely: full understanding of the known ñāta - p f.u. as investigating tīrana - p and f.u. as overcoming pahāna - p In Vis.M XX, 3 it is said:

Full understanding of the known is the knowledge consisting in the discernment of the specific characteristics of such and such phenomena, as: ‘Materiality has the characteristic of being oppressed; feeling has the characteristic of being felt, etc.’

Full understanding by investigating is that insight-understanding vipassanā - paññā; see: vipassanā which has the 3 general characteristics impermanence, suffering, no-self as its objects, and which arises when attributing a general characteristic to physical and mental phenomena, as for instance: ‘Materiality is impermanent, feeling is impermanent, etc.’

Full understanding by overcorning is that insight-understanding which has the above mentioned general characteristics as its objects, and arises after overcoming the idea of permanence, etc.; - App..