Patigha: - 1. In an ethical sense, it means: ‘repugnance’, grudge, resentment, anger, and is a synonym of vyāpāda, ill-will’ see: nīvarana and dosa ‘hate’ see: mūla It is one of the latent tendencies anusaya.

  1. ‘Sense-reaction’. Applied to five-sense cognition, p.: occurs in the following contexts:

a as patigha - saññā ‘perception of sense-reaction’, said to be absent in the immaterial absorptions see: jhāna 5. Alternative renderings: resistance-perception, reflex-perception

b as patigha - samphassa ‘mental contact caused by 5fold sensorial reaction’ D. 15; see: phassa

c as sappatigha-rūpa ‘reacting materiality’, and appatigha ‘not reacting’, which is an Abhidhammic classification of materiality, occurring in Dhs. 659, 1050. sappatigha are called the physical sense-organs as reacting or responding to sense stimuli; and also the physical sense-objects as impinging or making an impact on the sense-organs. All other materiality is appatigha non-reacting and non-impinging. These 2 terms have been variously rendered as resistant and not, responding and not, with and without impact.