having known or found out, knowing well or thoroughly, testing, finding out MN.i.301, MN.i.361 (variant reading -vijja); AN.ii.3, AN.ii.84; AN.v.88; Dhp.229 (= jānitvā Dhp-a.iii.329); Snp.530 (= anuviditvā Snp-a.431) Ja.i.459 (= jānitvā C.); Ja.iii.426; Pp.49.

  • -kāra a thorough investigation, examination, test Vin.i.236 (here spelt anuvijja) = MN.i.379 (= ˚viditvā C.) AN.iv.185.

ger. of anuvijjati, for the regular from anuvijja prob. through influence of anu + i (anu-v-icca for anvicca) cf. anveti & adhicca; & see anuvijjati