indeclinable copulative & adversative part.

  1. after positive clauses, in enumerations, in the beginning & continuation of a story: and, and also, or and then, now DN.ii.2; DN.iii.152, DN.iii.199 (athāparaṃ etad avoca); MN.i.435; Snp.1006, Snp.1007, Snp.1017; Snp.p.126 (athâparaṃ etad avoca: and further, something else); Dhp.69 Dhp.119, Dhp.377; Ja.ii.158; Pv.ii.6#4; Pv-a.3, Pv-a.8 (atha na and not) Pv-a.70.
  2. after negative clauses: but MN.i.430; Snp.990 Snp.1047; Dhp.85, Dhp.136, Dhp.387; Pv-a.68. Often combd. with other part., e.g. atha kho (pos. & neg.) now, and then but, rather, moreover Vin.i.1; DN.i.141, DN.i.167, DN.i.174; AN.v.195; Pv-a.79, Pv-a.221, Pv-a.251. na-atha kho na neither-nor Pv-a.28. atha kho pana and yet DN.i.139. [atha ca pana](/define/atha ca pana) on the other hand Ja.i.279. [atha vā](/define/atha vā) or (after prec. ca) nor (after prec. na) Snp.134; Dhp.140, Dhp.271; Pv.i.4#1; Pv.ii.1#4 athā vā pi Snp.917, Snp.921.

Sk. atha, cp. atho