1. avīciniraya, one of the (great) hells (see niraya), described in vivid colours at many passages of the Pāli canon, e.g at Vin.ii.203 = Iti.86; Mnd.18, Mnd.347, Mnd.405 = Cnd.304 iiid; Pts.i.83; Dhs.1281; Ja.i.71, Ja.i.96; Ja.iii.182; Ja.iv.159; Dhp-a.i.148; Pv-a.52; Snp-a.290; Sdhp.37, Sdhp.194; Pgdp.5 sq. etc etc.
  2. disintegration, decay Vism.449 (a. jarā nāma).

B.Sk. avīci a + vīci (?) no intermission, or no pleasure (?), unknown, but very likely popular etym.