potter (?) Ja.iii.381, Ja.iii.382 in voc. bhaggava (m.) & bhaggavī (f.). The terms are not explained in C., evidently because somewhat obscure. According to Kern,


s. v. the Sk. form in this meaning occurs at MBh.i.190, MBh.i.47; Saddhp.191 sq. Mvu.iii.347.

cp. Sk. *bhārgava, a der. fr. bhṛgu, & bhargaḥ, of same root as Lat. fulgur lightning; Gr. φλός light Ger. blitzen, blank; Ags. blanca white horse, all of the idea of “shining, bright, radiant.” How the meaning “potter” is connected with this meaning, is still a problem, perhaps we have to take the word merely as an Epithet at the one passage where it occurs, which happens to be in the Kumbhakāra-jātaka, v. 6, 7. i.e. the “Jātaka of the potter”