adjective bent, crooked MN.i.88; DN.ii.22; AN.i.138; Ja.iii.395.

fr. bhuj to bend, pp. corresp. to Sk. bhugna



  1. to be enjoyed or possessed, n. property, possession in cpd. rāja˚; (of an elephant) to be possessed by a king, serviceable to a king, royal DN.i.87; AN.i.244, AN.i.284 AN.ii.113, AN.ii.170; Ja.ii.370; Dhp-a.i.313 (royal possessions in general); DN-a.i.245. Cp. BSk. rājabhogya Mvu.i.287. See in detail under rāja-bhogga
    naggabhogga one who possesses nothing but nakedness, i.e. an ascetic Ja.iv.160; Ja.v.75;
  2. (identical with bhogika & bhogiya & similar in meaning to bhojarājā) royal, of royal power, entitled to the throne, as a designation of “class” at Vin.iii.221 in sequence rājā rāja-bhoggā brāhmaṇā, etc., where it takes the place of the usual khattiya “royal noble.”

grd. of bhuñj to enjoy, thus = Sk. bhogya