adjective slow slothful, indocile; silly, stupid MN.i.453; SN.iv.190; Dhp.116; Ja.i.116, Ja.i.143; Ja.ii.447; Ja.v.158; Ja.vi.192 (+ laḷāka) Thag.293; Mil.59, Mil.102, Mil.251; Dhp-a.i.94, Dhp-a.i.251; Dhp-a.iii.4 Vism.105, Vism.257 (with ref. to the liver).

  • -ābhiññā sluggish intuition DN.iii.106; AN.v.63; Dhs.176; Ne.7, Ne.24, Ne.50, Ne.123 sq., cp. AN.ii.149 sq.; Vism.85.

Sk.? Fausböll refers it to Sk. tandra; Trenckner (Notes 65) to dṛḍha; see also Müller, P. Gr. 22, & Lüders; Z.D.M.G. 58, 700. A problematic connection is that with thaddha & datta2 (q.v.)