adjective noun full of insight, seeing, perceiving, taking notice of. In combination with -ñū (knowing) it plays the part of an additional emphasis to the 1st term = knowing & seeing i.e. having complete or highest knowledge of, gifted with “clear” sight or intuition (see jānāti passati & cp. ñāṇa-dassana).

  1. As adj - ˚: seeing, being aware of, realizing; anicca SN.iii.1; ādīnava˚ SN.ii.194; SN.iv.332; MN.i.173; AN.v.181 sq. pariyanta˚ AN.v.50 sq.; bhaya˚ SN.v.187: Iti.96; esp. in phrase anumattesu vajjesu bhaya˚ DN.i.63 = Iti.118 (cp bhaya-dassin); lokavajjabhaya˚ SN.i.138; sabba˚; (+ sabbaññū) MN.i.482 (samaṇo gotamo s˚ s˚); MN.ii.31; Mil.74 (Buddho s˚ s˚); cp. Mvu.iii.51 sarvadarśāvin; sāra˚ Vin.ii.139
  2. (n.) one who sees or takes notice of in phrase ariyānaṃ dassāvī (+ sappurisānaṃ dassāvī kovido) MN.i.8; SN.iii.4; opp. adassāvī one who disregards the Noble Ones SN.iii.3, SN.iii.113; MN.iii.17; Dhs.1003 (cp. Dhs-a.350).

Sk. *darśavant