to blow, to sound (a drum) to kindle (by blowing), melt, smelt, singe AN.i.254 AN.iv.169; Ja.i.283, Ja.i.284; Ja.vi.441; Mnd.478; Mil.262. ppr. dhamāna SN.i.106; Mil.67
caus dhameti to blow (an instrument) Ja.ii.110; Mil.31, and dhamāpeti to cause to blow or kindle Dhp-a.i.442
pp dhanta dhanita; (the latter to dhvan, by which dhamati is influenced to a large extent in meaning. Cp. uddhana).

Ved. dhamati, dhmā, pp. dh amita & dhmāta, cp. Ohg. dampf “steam”