adjective to be gained or procured with difficulty (i.e. a livelihood which is hardly procurable), only in phrase “dubbhikkhā d setaṭṭhikā salākavuttā,” of a famine Vin.iii.6, Vin.iii.15, Vin.iii.87 Vin.iv.23; SN.iv.323. On the term & its expln by Bdhgh (at Vin.iii.268: dujjīvikā īhī tī… dukkhena īhitaṃ ettha pavattatī ti) see Kern,


Note. Bdhgh’s expln is highly speculative, & leaves the problem still unsolved. The case of du1 appearing as du-(and not as dur-) before a vowel is most peculiar there may be a connection with druh (see duhana), which is even suggested by vv.ll. at SN.iv.223 as dūhitika duhitika (q.v.). Dve & Dve;

du-īhitika, of du1 + īhati