ball for playing. The SS spelling is in all places bheṇḍuka, which has been taken into the text by the editors of J. and Dhs-a. The misspelling is due to a misreading of Singhalese bh → g; cp. spelling parābhetvā for parāgetvā
■ bheṇḍukena kīḷi Ja.iv.30 bhūmiyaṃ pahata-bheṇḍuka (striking against the ground) Ja.iv.30; Vism.143 (pahaṭa-citra˚) = Dhs-a.116 (where wrongly pahaṭṭha-citta-bheṇḍuka); Ja.v.196 (citra-bh˚); Dhp-a.iii.364.